Mark Watson - Trader X Trader - Racing Media - Copyright Infringement


June 2019: Reference Racing Media Google Complaint - See Bottom Of Page


Website copied from: (established 2014)


Infringing website: (since removed 6th November)

Infringing website: (since removed 6th November)



As you can see from the above video, there can be absolutely no dispute about the fact that Mark Watson directly copied and pasted content from our own website, and used the content on his own website in an attempt to make sales from products.


Underneath this you will then see a multitude of information where Mark Watson from Racing Media attempted to backtrack on what we had found out, with spurious (alias accounts) Facebook accounts, and comments.


Fake Facebook accounts, and manipulation of original video ref: mw17A:






Racing Media Google Complaints: November 2018 and June 26th 2019:


Mark Watson (Racing Media) now seems to have submitted a series of complaints to Google to try and hide the fact that he copied content from our website, even though the evidence at the top of the page is overwhelming.


Here are the submitted complaints to Google:


Mark Watson Racing Media Copyright Complaint


As you can see a fictitious copyright claim was submitted  on November 2018, which was rightly rejected by Google. And then on June 27th 2019, Mark Watson has tried to go down the 'defamation' route regarding his actions to copy and paste content directly from our websites in an attempt to sell products to his customers.


In the latest 'defamation' claim, Mark Watson from Racing Media states his 'complaint' to Google as:


Mark Watson Racing Media Defamation Complaint


Firstly, the evidence is shown above in the videos and screenshots, and secondly, the fictitious Facebook accounts that directly link to Mark Watson were also proven above, and on Facebook groups at the time the screenshots were taken.


If you are going to cut & paste content directly from somebody else's website, as Mark Watson (Racing Media) did from our website (evidence at the top of the page), then to then complain to Google when you are found out is not very sincere, and frankly laughable.


Defamation is NOT defamation when the content is based on facts.


Thankfully for the benefit of the internet infrastructure, and the legal framework of protecting intellectual property, Google are professional enough to understand this fact.







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